The Chinese-made LED strip light suffered another EU Bulletin


In the first half of this year, the EU rapid alert system for non-food (RAPEX) total communications failure string of 23 lights from China since the number of notifications is nearly three times last year, respectively, by the EU ban on the sale, recall from consumers and the market, destruction product returns and penalties. Bulletin from the EU eight member states, the number of the top three were Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy.

LED strip light of EU exports were informed of the specific characteristics as follows: First, an increase in national communications. The first two quarters of the EU briefing on China Lights countries have eight, respectively, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, France, three more than last year. Second, the State informed the highest number of communications in Slovakia. The first half of the Slovak Republic notified string lights 12, accounting for 52.17 percent briefing string lights, last year no notification from Slovakia. The third is to be informed of reasons to electric shock and fire risk based. First half of the European Union on China lamp collusion report, the vast majority of electric shock protection and the presence of substandard risk of fire, electric shock protection involving substandard 19 cases, accounting for 82.6% notification light string, involve the risk of a fire starting, both have failed to protect against electric shock of fire risks have 3 cases.

After analysis, China's exports of strip light frequently informed of the main reasons: First, some enterprises to standards and regulations of the EU and its Member States understand the track enough, resulting in products to keep up with the latest changes in the relevant standards and regulations. Second, some enterprises lack awareness of testing and checks, strict production process control, product sampling a mere formality, so that substandard products out of the country. In addition, string lights enterprises generally smaller scale, product upgrade lag, price competition phenomenon evident in the exit lights string tune out law review directory, self-controlled individual enterprises neglect even exist jerry behavior. Since string lights are widely used in celebrations in the EU, both for commercial activities and are widely used in the celebration with the family, once the cause of electric shock and fire accident, the loss will be immeasurable.

For this situation, the inspection and quarantine departments remind the relevant export enterprises: on the one hand, strip light exports to the EU should be strictly in accordance with EN60598 standard requirements for testing, preferably before mass production can achieve safety certification third-party organizations, and in strict accordance with the certification requirements Arrange production. At the same time accelerate the transformation and upgrading, early adoption of a low pressure process to produce LED string lights. On the other hand, production enterprises should establish critical components of quality inspection system, the key to the production process control monitoring systems, product sampling system and strictly enforced, to avoid the product because they do not meet the criteria who were informed, returns. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export production enterprises to strengthen contract review, to avoid trade risk, at the time of signing the contract to indicate the special technical provisions of the final sales of domestic products and products sold constraint importer alter the behavior of the country, try to avoid their responsibilities, The product quality and safety risks to a minimum.