Why LED lighting is still not universal


In the intelligent building, lighting equipment and other energy-consuming devices, the other device once installed, no matter how much energy, usually are not any replacement, only after the end of life or accidental damage will be replaced, a relatively long period . The lighting is different, the use of a longer time, the number of switches and other reasons, usually a few years or a few months for a change, and replacement costs are relatively low, many users when replacing generally used the gradual replacement of the way . However, can not be ignored is that in the past few years to see the development of LED lighting, LED lighting has yet to become the standard configuration, which is not only a question of the market, as well as policy issues.

1,  No domestic standards

Globally, LED lighting is already a globally recognized green lighting, whether from in terms of energy consumption or pollution, LED lighting energy-saving lamps are much lower than the current large-scale use. In Europe, Japan, the United States and other countries, have already asked for LED different criteria in the standard, not just the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as the production process, product safety, equipment manufacturers and others have raised the size of the relevant provisions, further strengthened LED lights on the control. In China, LED lighting has developed for decades, but still no uniform standard, so that the domestic market good and bad mixed. And some enterprises according to their recommendation to the relevant departments product standards, and even deliberately added "GB" and other words to sell to the user prior to the standard, mislead users.

2, Vcious competition

No matter which industry, not the lack of "vicious competition" words, and the most direct means of vicious competition is low sales. In the LED lighting market, often find this scene: after the presentation needs, made their offer between equipment manufacturers Party, and the Party will be among equipment manufacturers intentionally disclose other equipment manufacturers a single quote. In this case, in order to obtain orders for equipment manufacturers, LED lights have to start with the material, by using inferior materials or second-hand, to further reduce costs, and ultimately produce a large number of substandard products onto the market, causing the user can not feel the difference between LED lighting and general illumination lamps.

3, High price

LED lights due to the large number of electronic devices, with the traditional lighting production process is completely different, in this case, a qualified LED lights, just from cost more than to enjoy state subsidies for energy-saving lamps several times followed by artificial plus costs and other expenses, the high price has become the norm.

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