Which color temperature we shall choose for LED lights


People say, high color temperature LED luminous efficiency, energy-saving effect, but feel uncomfortable and easy visual fatigue and poor through the fog; low color temperature, although feel comfortable, but low luminous efficiency, energy saving less effective; so, in practical applications, in the end what kind of color temperature of light able to combine efficiency, energy efficiency and comfort requirements, achieve a higher price?

Technical staff from the ENELTEC said trunk and branches both for the number of lights with color temperature, he believes that a low color temperature lights feels natural, familiar, but not as good as the same wattage lumens high color temperature, high color temperature can improve pedestrian focus degree, but also cause the driver visual fatigue, so the lighting effect requires an integrated multiple indicators. "Therefore, we recommend the main road 3500K ~ 4000K, 2700K ~ 3000K branch using the lights. But the color temperature speaking, it is impossible to take into account the variety of needs. If I have to choose one color temperature of both aspects, I think it is reasonable 3000K. "

Philips Lighting technician also said that the current LED chip technology, the high, low color temperature light LED chip efficiency gap is approaching, the color temperature 3000K ~ 4000K fundamental to reconcile the various needs, you can achieve a higher price, but can also visual people feel comfortable.

In theory, the average color temperature of the sun is about 5600K, give people the feeling is higher than the color temperature is more emphasis on a cold tone; seven or eight o'clock in the morning sun is about 4000K, two three o'clock in the afternoon sun the color temperature about near 5000K, this time human activity the most active, select 4000K or 5000K human activities in line with the law.

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